COVID-19 Updates

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Hello TVDSA.

We are glad to see that you are still hanging in there with us. If you are reading this you are probably curious about when we may start doing activities again. Well that time is NOW!

We are excited to announce that we will begin resuming our Social Group activities very soon. Group leads are resetting and looking for fun things for us all to do together.

Given the changes in the state of the pandemic, the TVDSA Board has decided to slowly resume the social group activities. Not all groups will start right away and initially all activities will be held outside, however, we are now prepared to begin that process. We have set COVID-19 protocols to guide the gatherings. There will still be some limitations and specific rules to follow. Our #1 priority is the safety and health of our participants and staff, so please help us by complying with all guidance provided.

We have updated our protocols to include water based activities and re-stating that at this time no indoor events will be hosted. Given the new unknowns related to the Delta variant we are proceeding with caution. You can find the full protocol here. This page will be updated as conditions change.

If you are still not comfortable participating at this time or do not wish to follow the current protocols we have in place, we do encourage you to stay in touch with your respective groups. The respective Facebook groups are a great place to stay connected. If you are not currently following those groups, please seek them out and join – we would love to hear from you! We sincerely hope that we are all able to meet again in person soon. We send out a big hug and thanks to all our group organizers – we could not do this without them! Please take the time to thank them personally when you have a moment.

Event Registration and Waiver tools

The Event Registration/RSVP and online waiver forms for each group can be found on the Programs page HERE as needed for upcoming events. Since all events will require RSVP, these should be done online. Contact your group Leads and elsewhere on this site as events are scheduled for additional details.

Decision-making Guidance

TVDSA is following the State of Idaho recommended guidance regarding event planning and so as that changes, so will our plans. If you would like to review those resources yourself, we recommend the following websites:

In addition to the State and CDC guidance, we will continue to include enhanced safety measures to protect our most vulnerable members.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email or social media.

Thanks again for your efforts to support TVDSA!

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

The TVDSA Board of Directors

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