COVID-19 Updates

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Hello TVDSA.

These are certainly different times we are in now. To put a TVDSA spin on it, we would hope that these days would be “More Alike Than Different” than pre-pandemic, but that does not seem to be the reality of it.

We hope that you and yours are staying safe.

As we are sure you have heard by now, TVDSA is going through a few changes. We obviously were not expecting a pandemic to throw a wrench into our already rearranged 2020 slate of events.

To ensure we are communicating as transparently as possible, we wanted to post an update to make sure everyone is in the loop on what is going on.

Deliberation on this started early and as you may recall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Down Syndrome Day was changed to a virtual event. We wanted to express our regret on this as we know everyone was looking forward to the event. Given the circumstances, there was really no other choice. We also wanted to publicly express our thanks and gratitude to Erin Rosenkoetter for all her hard work in preparation for the live event. Thanks Erin!

After some additional discussion and consideration, the Board decided to cancel/postpone all TVDSA sponsored events effective immediately and until further notice.

We are aware that many of our groups are small, however, given the makeup of our constituents and the possibility that we are all potential infection vectors to high-risk individuals, we felt it was important to err on the side of caution and make the call for the entire group. The declarations by the Governor of Idaho confirmed our early decisions were the right ones. The social groups in particular look forward to the monthly events and we are all pretty bummed that we can not meet with you all.

We do encourage you to stay in touch with your respective groups and be assured that TVDSA is not going anywhere. We have encouraged our social group organizers, in the near term, to replace scheduled events with some sort of virtual event to maintain some amount of consistency for the TVDSA family. Some have already increased their traffic on the respective Facebook groups and that is great to see. If you are not currently following those groups, please seek them out and join – we would love to hear from you! We sincerely hope that we are all able to meet again in person soon. We send out a big hug and thanks to all our group organizers – we could not do this without them!

For now, TVDSA has the following planned:

  • All social events are canceled until further notice. Due to the nature of each group, some may resume before others.
  • The annual Picnic was initially delayed but after the state roll-back to Phase 3, it was canceled for 2020. Many Thanks to Linda Wells for organizing the picnic for many years running. She is still doing her “one thing”. Thanks Linda!
  • The Golf Tournament was planned for August 30th but after the state roll-back to Phase 3, it was canceled for 2020.
  • We are still planning an October celebration in lieu of the Buddy Walk this year and planning will continue but may change later.

Please check back here and in the newsletter for updates and information on TVDSA event changes due to the pandemic.

Decision-making Guidance
TVDSA is following the State of Idaho recommended guidance regarding event planning and so as that changes, so will our plans. If you would like to review those resources yourself, we recommend the following websites:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email or social media.

Thanks again for your efforts to support TVDSA!

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

The TVDSA Board of Directors

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