Our Stories – Baylee Auger

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Baylee is a blessing.  She can fill a room with happiness and smiles.  She continually supersedes expectations, both in academics and in extracurricular activities.  Yes, there are frustrations at times, but what parent doesn’t have any frustrations with their kids?  It does bother me occasionally, when people still jump to conclusions about what to expect or even want from her, as I know she can do so much more.  But their subconscious labeling of what they think individuals with Down syndrome (or any other disability for that matter) can do stops them from expecting more.  I have full expectations that Baylee will be a valued participant in society.  What that means, time will only tell – but already, she has touched so many lives.

Yes, your child will always be “different”, but all kids are different in some way.  Your love starts way before you learn about the diagnosis.  So don’t let the diagnosis change how you feel or change the limits of your child’s future.  Let them play football, be on the debate team, learn a foreign language, and be an Olympian (special or regular, it doesn’t matter).  Protect them by letting them be kids just like everyone else.  Expect more from them, because they deserve to be loved and supported as if they didn’t have that extra chromosome #21.  It’s scary (expect to feel that way at least daily), but their excitement with their achievements will be well worth it!

by Celena Auger

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