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Idaho Gives 2022

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Idaho Gives 2022 has come to a close and we want to thank all of out generous sponsors – we could not do it without them. Through our generous donors we raised $1,281.00 for 2022. Thank You Idaho Gives Donors Anonymous $30 Paul Auger $21 Madeline Rice $100 Mika $100 Ashley Lane $50 Brenda Taylor $100 Kaitlin Johnson $500 Anonymous $50 Thankful parent $50 Austin Taylor $10 LaVar & Lynda Wells $50 Jennifer Rice $50 Anonymous $100 Patrick Taylor $10 Mary Hacking $50 First Donation $10 Idaho Gives is a statewide giving...

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2022 Albertsons Boise Open

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TVDSA Golf Fans! TVDSA is excited to announce the return of the 33rd Annual Albertsons Boise Open this August 18–21, at Hillcrest Country Club! Thanks to Albertsons, 100% of all ticket sales will support local Boise charities! TVDSA is participating again this year with a new, simplified format. Go to TVDSA’s Boise Open site to purchase tickets, and please encourage your friends and family to do the same. NEW this year, the tournament will feature three nights of exciting CONCERTS AFTER GOLF on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on the 18th hole at Hillcrest and concert admission...

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2022 TVDSA Walk For Down Syndrome

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The TVDSA Walk for Down Syndrome is a great opportunity for those of us who love someone with Down syndrome to share our feelings with everyone we know! Yes, the walk is the biggest fundraiser of the year for TVDSA, but it’s also a vehicle for creating community awareness.  This year we had to change up a few things to celebrate our Walk for Down Syndrome. While we are rebuilding and reimagining the Walk we have decided to change the venue and date. This year the Walk will be at Indian Creek Plaza, on Sunday, October 16th 2022. REGISTER NOW Create a team of your own or...

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Call To Action

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UPDATE: TIME CHANGE for House Health & Welfare Hearing at the Capitol for Bill 1270!  Bill 1270 will now be heard at 8:30 am MST, TOMORROW (Tuesday) morning in the House Health & Welfare Committee at the Capitol in Boise (NOT 9 am). Most of us will not make it over to see in person. If you would like to watch online here is the link! You scroll to the bottom and tomorrow you will see a link next to Tuesday, March 8th that will be live and you can click on it and watch!  House Health & Welfare Committee Stream Call or email Mary Murray with any questions...

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Our Stories – Charlotte Rice

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Our daughter, Charlotte, was born early at 27 weeks. We had had an inkling that she might have Down syndrome based on preliminary clues that our doctor had seen but never got any sort of confirmation before I went into labor. When she was born, there were so many other complications that Down syndrome seemed really trivial as far as things we should be concerned about. But as she got healthier, it was something that started worrying me. What did Down syndrome mean? What things would she be able to do? How different was this going to be from what I had been expecting? We received a...

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